Why Choose Us

1. ALife Solar provides solar panels, inverters, solar systems, solar street light systems, solar water pump systems, etc.Can provide our customers with one-stop solutions.

2. The products have certifications such as ISO9001, TUV, JET, CQCand CE


3. Along with a 12 years manufacturer warranty (25 or 30 years linear performance guarantee) for solar panels and 5-year manufacturer warranty for solar inverters, which are all widely used in more than 60 countries and regions.

4. We possess a contracting qualification for mechanical and electrical equipment installation. Equipped to undertake Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) projects for photovoltaic power generation system, providing with:
1). Project consultation
2). Site survey
3). System design
4). Scheme development
5). Production and transportation
6). Construction and installation
7). Grid connection management
8). Power station operation and maintenance services
With over 800+ MW of project expertise, ALife Solar provides an efficient, safe and durable photo-voltaic power generation system with customer satisfaction globally and is willing to work with you to illuminate life with sunshine and create a greener, healthier and better future!